Friday, October 31, 2014

2 Regiments of WWI Austrians Completed in 10mm!

It took me about a week longer than I had expected, due to some family stuff, but I've finished my first two regiments of WWI Austrians.  Unlike the huge Russian regiments which have 16 stands of Infantry, the Austrians only have 12.  Also, unlike the 4 Russian regiments that make up a division for 1914, the Austrians only have 2 regiments per division.  The Russian army is huge!  I have more Russians and Austrians on the way from Pendraken along with artillery and a few extras to help round out the forces for both sides.

Can't wait to get these on the table to game.


  1. Nice work as always, Vic! Impressive quality and quantity of great looking Great War figures. Hard to believe they're only 10mm!

  2. A great looking addition, beautiful job!

  3. Very attractive. I don't think I've ever seen WW1 Austrians before!