Friday, October 3, 2014

More progress on my WWI Russians.

Okay I've gotten some more painting done on my WWI Russians.  I finished blocking on the colors and after looking around and emailing with a few people I decided to try the "Miracle Dip" for these figures.  As some of you are aware this is essentially Minwax Polyshades Tudor Satin.  Instead of dipping the figures, since my figures are mounted on popsicle sticks, I brushed the dip onto the figures.  I was also able to control the stain a little bit more using this method.  Below are some pictures of the pre-dipped figures and then the dipped figures below that.
I think they turned out okay.  Once they are based I will spray a matt varnish on them, just to take a little bit of the shine off.

The above figures are pre-dipped.

These are the figures after being dipped.

I will get these off the sticks and onto some bases and then start the Austrians I have and go with the same method.


  1. Suitable for RCW use , too! :-)

  2. Nice work on these, Vic. But shouldn't you be working on Lion Rampant stuff? :) Best, Dean