Sunday, October 5, 2014

Trying to figure out what I have here.....?

So after posting this on TMP it has come to my attention from several people on there that my Roman army is outfitted more as a Early Imperial Roman Army than Republican Roman do to the lack of feathers on the helmets and the more squared shields than oval ones.  Guess I will have to reevaluate what I'm going to do here. 

As with many of us, while working on one project you are looking forward to the next one.  Well I think this is going to be my next BIG project.  I bought these 10mm Romans to game the era surrounding the Punic Wars.  
I am looking at using Piquet's Archon or Pulse of Battle for my rule set.  I've been doing some reading on the Romans for this time period to get better acquainted with their history and army setup. Now I'm trying to figure out exactly how, what I have will fit into the basing scheme for the above rule sets  which uses 4 bases to a unit and how that matches what they did for real.  

The pictures show the units in three bases, doubled ranked on a single base, which I like.  Except for the cavalry and the skirmishes which are in single ranks. It gives a nice deep, full looking base.  The bases are 40mm x 20mm.
So there are 3 units of Hastati, 2 units of Principes and 1 unit of Triarii.  2 units of Bow man.  2 units of heavy cavalry and 1 unit of light cavalry.  Also 1 unit of skirmishers.

So my question for all you Ancient Roman experts out there is how would you fill out what's here?


  1. Vic:

    Can't help you with the army layout as I'm not up on Roman tactics, etc. That said, fabulous looking troops! Just stunning - hard to believe they're 10mm.

  2. Looks like you have Imperial Romans there, based up for Warmaster Ancients. So you have (in units) 4 x Legionaries (rectangular shields), 3 x Auxilia (oval shields), 2 x bows, 1 x skirmishers, 1 x light cavalry, 2 x heavy cavalry, 3 generals (2 sub by the looks of it) and 3 artillery of various kinds. Not much good for Punic wars unfortunately. What I would suggest is grab some hairy barbarians (to use as Britons or Germans) to fight these guys and you can then use the barbarians as the basis for a Carthaginian army - because Hannibal's army used masses of Gauls - and add more Romans for the Punic War era. Sorry to see that you've been sold figures that are out of era. Must be annoying. Still, you'll be able to get a lot of use out of these guys for the Imperial Roman times, and they are lovely figures.


  3. For the Republican Romans of this era, a 4 Legion Consular army works out to 4 units of Velites, 4 Units of Hastati, 4 units of Princeps, 2 units of Triarii, 1 unit of Allied cavalry and 1/2 Unit of Roman cavalry(round up to a full unit). I'd aim for that plus a unit or two of bowmen or slingers (which you have), and a unit or two of LC. That makes a nice force of about 20 units that should allow you to do most battles of the Punic Wars.

    Do you Have Hannibal ad Portas? If not - get it! I think you can get it as a pdf from Brent now.