Wednesday, December 17, 2014

New Painting Racks

For some time I've been trying to decide how to change the way I store my paints.  I have quite a mix between Folkart, Ceramcoat, Vallejo, Foundry, Winton Oils and Amsterdam acrylic tubes that it was starting to get out of hand.  The system I was using had 12 small plastic boxes with all of the paints sorted by color. I'm color blind and keeping them labeled helps me greatly.  
The biggest amount of paint I owe comes from Vallejo.  So after asking around on TMP and Lead Adventure Forum this company was suggested: Kraken Skulls.   Their painting racks hold 48 bottles of paint of the Vallejo size and are rather inexpensive at $15 a piece.  So I ordered 3 of them.
The racks come unassembled but are easy to put together.  You need to glue them together to help with keeping them rigid.   The other nice thing about them is the ability to hang them on a wall.  I've saved some cabinet space and can add some more terrain in there.

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  1. Very nice, Victor. Almost all of my paints are craft paints - probably almost 60 bottles of them!