Wednesday, December 23, 2015

4 units of Arquebusiers completed

I finally completed my first 4 units of 10mm Renaissance units.  I have been on sabbatical since Dec. 6th and was planning on painting every day for a few hours.  That has not, sadly, happened and I'm a little behind on what I thought I would have completed by now.  The figures paint up quickly.

This picture shows the 4 units (the upper right unit is a primer coated swordsmen) and each unit is 24 figures with 6 figures per base.

Two tricky shots, holding the popsicle stick and the camera and trying not to shake either one.

Now I'm just waiting for the bases I ordered from Litko to show up so I can get them based.


  1. Looking good. In the close ups, it looks like A number of the figures have mustaches/beards sculpted on. I don't know if you're up for painting those on at such a small scale, but it would probably kick them up another notch if you were so inclined!

    Merry Christmas, Victor!

    1. They do but my hand isn't steady enough to paint them. I tried.