Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Santa Clause 2015!

This is the second year I've participated in Chris Stoesen's Santa Clause. It has been fun finding out what to paint for the person chosen for me and waiting to see what is received.  
This year Santa delivered some wonderfully painted 10mm Ancients to face my Romans.  As an added bonus Santa also delivered some gifts for my wife and daughter.  They were very humbled by the generosity of Santa and they thank him.  I also thank Santa for the wonderful gift and for thinking of my family.

My daughter was very intrigued that the chocolate she received could not be bought here in the states.  She actually took a moment and said that maybe she shouldn't open the box because it was special.  I told her it would be okay to enjoy it and to remember that it was given in kindness.

Thank you again to Santa!


  1. You must have been very good this year, Victor!

    Nice additions from the Jolly Old Elf!

  2. That's really nice indeed!!
    Have a great Xmas and New Year Victo & family